Who We Are!

A husband and wife team, Kendra and Ben have over 40 years of combined
horse experience including showing at the national level, breeding,
buying/selling, teaching to our real passion...retraining off-the track

The barn is different then most... it is fun AND professional!  No Drama
allowed here!!   We are extremely serious about riding and the care of our
horses, demanding a lot of our students to learn true horsemanship, not just
how to win ribbons, but we also demand a lot of laughter and light

Besides the horses, we both also work in other industries, Ben owning a
construction company and Kendra working in corporate finance.  Still
belonging to "the outside world" allows them to stay grounded and in touch
with their clientele and run the barn like a real business.  So many barns are
run by people who are good with horses, but not with finances, barn
management, or people.  Kendra and Ben are the most well-rounded horse
professionals you'll ever meet which allows the barn to be so unique.
About Us
Whether looking to polish your skills for the show ring or the next hunter
pace, looking for a coach for the 'A' shows, need a horse trained, need
to find the perfect horse, or need to sell a horse, we would be more than
happy to help you.  

Please feel free to call or email for more information.

Call/Text -  609.670.3104

email - info@greenapplestables.com

Kendra Gruber - Richardson (Owner)

Specializing in the disciplines of Hunters & Jumpers, but also dabbling in horse trials,
Kendra offers over 30 years of horse experience.  Growing up at large show barns, she
has been riding, competing, and caring for horses from a very young age.  Not being able
to afford a horse of her own as a child, she worked at the barn to help pay for lessons
and catch rode any horse she could.  By her early teen years, Kendra was riding and
training any horse in the barn that no one else could ride, or would want to get on.  Even
without the fortune of riding made expensive horses, Kendra still found her way on some
very unlikely horses to compete at the Washington Internatinal Show, The Marshall &
Sterling Finals, National Horse Show, numerous HITS shows on the East Coast, Garden
State Horse Show and numerous other finals.   Riding the underdog taught her the skills
needed to train green and problem horses and helped her find her true passion.
The satisfaction of retraining an OTTB from scratch, finding its nitch in the show/pleasure horse world, and finding it a great home is now what
drives Kendra.  So many OTTB's are thrown away after their time racing is done because they are not given a chance.  Kendra's goal is to help these
horses switch over into a new world, and prove to people how wonderful an OTTB can be.  Watching a young horse progress both physically and
mentally,  and excel in the H/J, Dressage, or Eventing is extremely rewarding.  

Kendra also is a graduate of Rutgers University and works for Corporate in Finance Technology.
Ben Richardson (Trainer / Owner)

Ben Richardson's love of horses also started at a very young age.  He rode with the
Junior Essex Troop (Troop A in West Orange, NJ) where not only riding, but true
horsemanship was taught. The horses were all donated or from auction – so no made
horses here – mostly crazy but definitely taught him how to ride.  With so many types
of horses, he learned when to be tough and demanding and when to be patient and
kind.  While riding with Troop, Ben began riding with Ann Sullivan at Suburban Essex
Stables in West Orange, NJ, taking lessons and riding sale horses.

After graduating high school,  he started purchasing his own horses and ponies for
resale, broke horses and schooled other peoples problem horses while continuing his
riding education by participating in numerous George Morris Clinics. He later started
working for good friend, and Olympic Rider, Nona Garson - riding, training horses,
teaching, and coaching at shows while still purchasing and selling his own horses.

Ben then took some years off to concentrate on growing his construction business and
to coach other youth sports that were not as demanding of my time.  He still continued
to ride and be a part of the horse world, but was not as intense about it.

Then, Ben met Kendra and got suckered into getting back involved in teaching, training,
and riding- so here he is stuck teaching again (but he loves it!)  - so in Ben's words..."
put your goddamn heels down, stop hanging on the horses mouth and stop lolly-
gagging!"  LOL!  Everyone loves Ben!!