We are located on 30 serene acres with our barn
being nestled back behind the hill.   We provide a
clean, safe, and quiet environment for you to
enjoy time spent with your horse.
Boarding / Lessons
BASE BOARD          $600.00*

(*This includes NJ sales tax and worming)

This board includes top quality feed, hay, stalls cleaned and rebedded daily,  all day grass turn
out in pairs of 2,  check legs and shoes, arrange for vet and farrier service. All customers
choosing the base board option will also have a $100.00 minimum in addition to the base
board fee. The $100.00 may be used for lessons, professional rides, or lunging. All charges in
excess of the

TRAINING/SALE BOARD  starts at $900.00*

(*specific packages will be created based on individual needs.)

This level of board includes everything that is offered in the previous level plus: riding, training,
lunging, up to 2 lessons per week, daily grooming, tacking up and cooling out for scheduled

We specialize in the retraining of Off the track thoroughbreds. We start with good ground
basics which includes obedience and trust so that we may carry those basics through as we
re-teach them to properly lunge and work under tack away from the hectic life at the track.
OTTB's are very smart and experienced beyond their years and are happiest in a work
program.  Our programs are very individualized as we believe in letting them tell us what their
niche in life will be, how fast they want to progress, and what help they need to reach  the top of
their ability.  There is nothing we love more than to see an OTTB and their new owner become
one and excel with each other with patience, trust, and hard work.

If you would like us to market your horse for sale we will prepare a marketing program specific
to your needs. These include sale videos that can be uploaded to the internet, pictures
formatted in a slide show presentation, written copy for the various advertising venues
including internet sites( i.e. Big Eq, Equine.com, Horseclicks, Facebook sales pages) and
periodicals( i.e. The Chronicle of the Horse, The Marketer, The Horse of the Delaware Valley
etc). GreenApple Stables  has an “in house” photographer who is both camera and computer
savy. Mill Stone charges a 10-15% commission on the sale or lease of all horses depending
on purchase price.

GreenApple's philosophy is that in order to succeed, all
horses/riders need to be in an ongoing instructional program.
with most lessons being private or semi-private. They are
customized to educate and challenge their abilities and to
improve their weaknesses. Both Kendra and Ben Richardson
take time to explain to students not only what to do, but the
“how” and “why” of what they are being asked to do. It is very
important that lessons are taught in a supportive atmosphere,
always emphasizing the positive and demanding the very best
effort out of our students. We strive to teach students that
they need to learn to communicate clearly through their aids
so that their horses respond correctly.  Our philosophies are
old school and we demand hard work, perseverance, and
dedication.  We believe strongly that all students should learn
all aspects of horsemanship - from riding to caring for their
horse.  Our barn is a team and expect all to help each other,
support one another and have a lot of fun a long the way!